As the weather gets cooler, it’s common to see an increase in coughs and colds and this is especially true if you work in an office or other confined area. Germs can spread easily through your co-workers, not just by direct contact but also when a sick colleague touches surfaces like desks, door handles and computer keyboards. Along with regular commercial property cleaning there are a few simple ways to keep those winter bugs at bay.


Getting the flu is not just unpleasant for the person suffering; it can be a significant cause of lost productivity for employers. In turn, lost productivity can take a direct hit on your bottom line. While it’s possible to spread colds at any time of year, the winter months are most typically when problems occur as everyone is confined indoors for longer periods of time and damp, cooler conditions turn your workplace into a breeding ground for colds and viruses.


To help you keep your workforce healthy and productive this winter, here are our top three tips for staving off winter bugs.


  1. Make sure your employees wash their hands often

Regular hand washing is important all year round, but it never hurts to give a reminder about basic hygiene as temperatures start to drop. All it takes is a sick employee to touch their nose or mouth and then a door handle or work surface and germs can spread. Encourage your staff to not just wash their hands after using the bathroom, but after coughing, sneezing and touching their face. Make hand sanitiser available in kitchens and other communal areas and encourage your employees to make use of it to further reduce the spread of germs. Ensure you have a regular supply of tissues, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser for this purpose.


  1. Reduce the spread of germs through coughing

Coughing is a very easy way to spread germs and it’s worth reminding your employees of proper cough etiquette on a regular basis. Make sure your staff know to cover their mouths with a tissue when coughing and dispose of the tissue immediately afterwards. If no tissue is available, they should cough into the crook of their arm, not their hand. Lastly, they should always wash their hands after coughing or blowing their nose. It might sound simple but following these practices can greatly reduce the spread of coughs and colds through an office. If an employee is coughing and sneezing or feels unwell, encourage them to go home rather than soldier on and risk spreading their germs throughout the office.


  1. Maintain a clean environment

This is probably the most effective way to reduce the spread of germs during winter. By keeping those frequently touched items like door handles, light switches, phones and keyboards clean you can maintain a healthier workforce and keep those bugs at bay. By cleaning and disinfecting daily you can make a big difference to the health of your employees and reduce lost productivity and absenteeism. It’s not enough to just wipe over a few surfaces and keyboards, however. To ensure your workplace is at a high standard of hygiene, you’ll want to employ commercial property cleaning services on a regular basis.


While your employees definitely play a part in maintaining a clean and healthy environment, a commercial properly cleaning company can help you ensure your workplace is as clean and germ free as possible. Professional cleaners know where germs might be lurking and can perform a thorough clean with industrial strength equipment. If you want to keep your employees healthy, happy and productive, regular professional cleaning is absolutely essential.


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