Strata buildings are a cost effective way to provide urban housing or commercial space and they are increasing in popularity. There are many benefits to living in a strata building, especially when it comes to maintaining common areas.


With a strata building, residents pay quarterly fees that include regular strata cleaning and maintenance. As a strata manager, if you’re going to maintain your property to an acceptable standard just hiring any domestic cleaning company won’t do. You need to use a strata cleaning specialist.


A surprising number of people don’t realise that strata cleaning is very different from your typical domestic cleaning. Rather than cleaning individual units, strata cleaners focus on shared common areas and when you have a number of people living in close quarters, it’s crucial that these areas are kept spotless if you don’t want them to look unsightly and/or potential health hazards to appear.


Some of the areas strata cleaners generally focus on include:


  • Lobbies and entranceways
  • Lifts
  • Car parks
  • Garbage rooms and bins
  • Windows
  • Stairwells and fire escapes


Because strata buildings are bigger than your average home, special equipment is often needed to reach those high corners and windows, equipment that a domestic cleaner probably doesn’t use. There are also health and safety issues that need to be considered when cleaning and maintaining common areas. These are more complex than anything a domestic cleaning company might encounter.


Choosing a strata cleaning company


Not all strata cleaning companies are created equally and with so much at stake it’s important that you choose the right person (or company) for the job. Here are a few things to look out for when you’re choosing a strata cleaning company.


  • Capacity to service your building on a regular basis. Most strata buildings are cleaned weekly, monthly and some even daily. Make sure the organisation you’re working with has the capacity to consistently meet your cleaning schedule to the required standard.
  • Fully trained staff with a clean criminal record. Because strata cleaning is different in nature from domestic cleaning, you’ll want to ensure that anyone working in your building is fully trained in the tasks involved. This not only helps ensure a better result, it also reduces the chances of any accidents or injuries on the job.
  • All the necessary insurance. Insurance doesn’t just protect the cleaning company; it protects you and the residents and visitors to your strata building. If someone should slip on a wet floor and injure themselves, who will be liable? Always make sure your cleaning company is fully insured.
  • Tailored services. All strata buildings are unique and many of them, especially older buildings, have little nooks and tucked away places that need to be cleaned as well as the main areas. Because all buildings are different and have different needs, a one size fits all approach just doesn’t work. A good strata cleaning company will tailor their services to your specific building to ensure a thorough, high quality result.


Keep in mind it takes a couple of months for a strata cleaning company to get used to a new building, and during that time you will need to work closely with them. However, once you’ve found a great strata cleaner and they’re familiar with your building, you’ll be able to relax and let them worry about the hard work while you enjoy your sparkling clean strata building.


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