Strata Cleaning Services Sydney

Our strata cleaning go into extensive detail until we achieve your desired request. Your needs are shared with management to adopt a method that meets your requirements and gives results. Then we provide examinations with our cleaning team to deliver our personalised solution.

We provide body corporate cleaning services across Sydney from Bondi, Maroubra to Parramatta and the Lower North Shore.

Professional Strata Cleaners

Good property maintenance is about being as discreet as possible. Each apartment block is home to a number of residents, so it is important everyone feels comfortable with workers on the property. Residents should come home in the evening to enjoy a clean and tidy complex without disruption of vacuum cleaners or smell of chemicals.

In tuned With Strata Managers

We work extensively with body corporates to ensure we understand what is really needed in good strata clean and meet all their Cleaning Requirements. Your residents will look forward to coming home and feel proud to invite their guests over.

Easily Recognisable Cleaners

Our Cleaners wear clearly labelled uniforms so the residents always know exactly who they are. They will feel safe and assured our people are meant to be there.

Impress Your Residents With Renigen Strata Cleaning Sydney

A Complete Strata Cleaning And Maintenance Service

It takes an organised cleaning crew to work through an entire building and keep all the tenants happy. The secret is to have the right team, with the right approach, training, and equipment.
Residents should always come home to a safe, clean and well-upheld building. That’s why we treat every lift, lobby, or carpark with the same eye for detail as we do our own home. From cleaning carpets to changing light bulbs, every inch of the common areas in the complex will be maintained to the highest standards by our skilled and experienced strata cleaners. We have the tools and equipment to repair and maintain all commercial fixtures.

Our team can also help with garden maintenance. Strata Cleaning means more than just raking up leaves. We will keep the lawn mowed and trimmed, planter boxes neat and weeded, and perform other garden maintenance chores to keep the facade of the complex as tidy and welcoming as the inside.

We’re Strata Cleaning specialists and we’re looking forward to cleaning your premises.

What Our Strata Cleaning Service In Sydney Include

Cleaning Strata complexes means managing a range of different cleaning tasks. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Mopping had surfaces
  • Vacuuming stair wells and also the common areas
  • Removing the cobwebs from the car parks, foyers and light fittings
  • Mowing lawns
  • Weeding gardens
  • Pruning trees and bushes
  • Clothes lines dusted
  • Picking up litter
  • Cleaning letter box areas
  • Removing graffiti
  • Cleaning steps & Walk ways
  • Cleaning glass & windows
  • Replacing blown globes
  • Cleaning car parks & communal areas
  • Putting out, cleaning and also bringing in the bins and more

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